Take a deep breath … You have arrived

All big projects begin with a big idea. We chose humility. Our goal was to respect a grandiose site that has been preserved for 150 years, and to develop 188 cottages scattered around the heart of an exceptional natural park of 280 hectares of lakes and forests. Not far from your home, in the centre of Europe, and less than two hours from London, Paris or Brussels. Your Nature seeks to enable its clients to enjoy an unforgettable natural experience, by creating a holiday and short-stay destination that is truly different from anything else available on today’s market. And for its future buyers, to create an investment that is geared for success.


Near large cities

Your Nature is ideally situated to make the most of a large pool of potential clients in the great European cities: Paris (12 million inhabitants), London (8 million), Rotterdam (1.2 million), Brussels (1.1 million), Lille (1 million) and Geneva (480,000).


An ideal short-stay destination

Your Nature is ideal for taking a break in natural surroundings without having to sacrifice comfort. It’s an ideal place for short stays and will win over families who will quickly grow to love it.


A place for relaxation and leisure, not found anywhere else

Your Nature offers numerous activities to do with health, well-being and nature. It has been conceived to meet the needs of nature-lovers and outdoor activities enthusiasts, as well as all those who simply wish to recharge their batteries, in a group or by themselves (horse-riding, a farm, cycling, running, spa, etc.)


Spacious and very comfortable accommodation

Our accommodation’s outside architecture was designed to blend in with nature. The accommodation’s design, conceived specifically for this project, marries clean lines and fine materials that bring to mind the bark, branches or even the leaves of the trees. Each house has everything necessary for optimum comfort. Finally, the living areas are significantly larger than the market average.


A site tailored to families

Totally secure, the park is enclosed and the surrounding wall is guarded 24 hours a day. There are no cars here. Families can therefore enjoy the park and its facilities in total peace. The homes are peaceful and equipped with everything you need to make the most of your stay. The arrangement of bedrooms allows both parents and children to live together harmoniously.