Our answers to your question

All the questions you may have about Your Nature can be found here. We have included the vast majority of questions put to us by investors. But if after reading this you have any further questions, please contact us here!


Do I need to provide my own capital?

Like an investment in any property, you are making an investment when you buy into Your Nature. You therefore provide your own funds for at least some of the investment. How much of your own capital and how much you borrow will depend on your circumstances. This is something to discuss with your bank.

If I wish to take out a loan to buy my property, can the bank take out a mortgage on the usufruct?

Yes, because Your Nature S.A. will grant a mortgage on the usufruct, which is a considerable benefit for this type of set-up.

For this loan, can the bank block my credit rating as of now?

Yes, it is possible if you carry out a recovery of outstanding loans or if you take out a mortgage on another one of your assets. If not, the Wathelet Law does not allow banks to block a rating for more than four months. That is why we allow prospective buyers to secure finance for a period of up to four months from the date of signing the authentic instrument, thereby guaranteeing the best rate.

Do I have to pay a deposit when I sign the sales agreement?

No! The total sum becomes due when the authentic instrument is signed and when a backwards planning is sent to you, depending on the date of your signature. Before this, a sales agreement, with several suspensive clauses, must be signed. It is that that confirms your commitment to invest in a Your Nature property, before the conclusion of the act of sale and the act of transferring usufruct.

Are there registration duties to pay?

The purchase comes under the VAT system (land and accommodation), so there are only lawyers’ fees to pay, and there is no registration duty. You will be given a ‘detailed price list’.

Do I have to pay VAT on the property?

No, because Your Nature enjoys a specific ‘fiscal ruling’. Péronnes Invest pre-finances the 21% VAT on the 97.5% of the property’s value: you only finance the value of your property excluding VAT. When you sign the authentic instrument, you only have to pay the VAT (the 21%) on the 2.5% of the property’s value, as bare ownership. You will then be reimbursed this sum within the six months of the signature.

What does ‘guaranteed return’ mean?

The return is guaranteed by the fiscal ruling (the fiscal decision given to Péronnes Invest by the Belgian State) which obliges us to reimburse fully the value of the usufruct.

Is the charge of 5% of the usufruct index-linked like a rent?

No, the 5% return is not index-linked like a rent, as it is a reimbursement of the amount due as usufruct. The fiscal ruling is very clear and beneficial to the client (VAT is 100% recoverable), so the usufruct reimbursement total cannot differ from the total that has been ceded.

You mention a structure made of ‘foundation stakes’, could you tell me a little more?

We’re talking about real foundations with the same level of resistance and strength as concrete foundations. It’s a technical choice, as solid as conventional techniques, but more long-lasting and environmentally friendly. Furthermore, the wooden accommodation itself was of course conceived in relation to stability, and the strictest standards have been applied by the design offices that worked for Your Nature.

Who will pay the charges for my property throughout the length of the contract?

It’s simple: for the entire period of transferring the usufruct that ties you to Péronnes Invest, you pay nothing! Your Nature pay all ongoing fees for the maintenance of your property and communal areas, fees for managing the co-ownership, and all fiscal charges (taxes, property taxes, etc.).

Are houses on the Your Nature estate situated in areas liable to flooding?

No. As shown on official plans, the area in which Your Nature is located has never been listed in an area that is subject to the risk of flooding.

Is the area of water near the Leaf houses, known as the ‘river’, natural or has it had to be created?

There’s a natural source of water to the south of the estate. The entire estate is naturally irrigated due to the slope from the east side down to the west. All existing water on site will be channelled to feed the river, whilst the natural slope will control its rate of flow.

When will I sign the authentic instrument, the document that finalises the acquisition of my property?

The authentic instrument, together with the act transferring usufruct, will be signed after the park is completed, between March 2018 and March 2019, depending on the date of your signature for your agreement. You will then have to release all of the funds by bank draft to cover the total cost of the property, excluding VAT, plus 21% of the VAT on the bare ownership (2.5% of the value of the property, excluding VAT).

Should I bring along an expert when I receive my house?

It’s not compulsory. However, to ensure the reception report is drawn up by all parties, each party (buyer, main contractor and seller) must be present for the inventory upon arrival (more commonly known as the ‘reception’), and for the state of fixtures (at the end of the transfer of usufruct). These conditions are detailed in the Tour Nature sales agreement.

What is The Club all about?

As you have invested in a house, Your Nature is happy to count you amongst its circle of current members.

Your Nature ‘The Club’ is, above all else, a circle of people of different backgrounds who share the same values: pioneering, ambitious, strong, optimistic, humorous, entrepreneurial, etc.

Each investment allows you the benefit of enrolling two adults and two children as members, and to enjoy four occupancy stays through the ‘Investment & Flexibility’ scheme.

What benefits does The Club offer?

You will benefit from:

A local and international network

  • ‘The Club’ is a network of partners, a family that comes together regularly in Your Nature, participates in the development of Your Nature, of course, and boosts its status and appeal
  • Invitations to take part in private events: cocktail parties, private viewings, meetings, conferences, debates, incentives, speeches, etc.

Benefits in terms of services (*)

  • Use of a golf car during your stays
  • Early check-in for your stays (according to availability): make use of your accommodation from 10.00 on your arrival day, instead of 15.00 for tourists
  • Late check-out at the end of your stays (according to availability): make use of your accommodation until 18.00 on your day of departure, instead of 12.00 for tourists
  • An agent from our call centre who is there specially to deal with your reservations and requests for information

Financial benefits (*)

  • A 5% reduction on treatments at the Your Nature Well-being Centre (during stays and at other times)
  • 15% off food at the Grand Large centre
  • 15% off nautical activities
  • 15% off daily equestrian activities
  • 15% off bicycle hire

(*): available to CLUB cardholders

During occupancy weeks, will I be in ‘my’ specific house?

It’s not compulsory. As a buyer, you will have access to a dedicated intranet site that will have reservation details for all houses of an identical standard to the one that you bought. This is ideal for planning your stays just as you wish! This system will be open to you as soon as reservations can be made for the period concerned. In case of non-availability during a chosen period, an equivalent property will be offered on other dates in an equivalent period.

Are there park regulations?

Regulations about behaviour inside the park, applicable to both tenants and owners, will be handed out at the beginning of the stay.

Are pets allowed?

Yes, pets are allowed on the estate, but in accordance with the rules incorporated in the internal regulations, in order to ensure the tranquillity and quality of everyone’s stay; this applies especially to public areas. Pets must be mentioned when making a reservation and category 5 dogs (International Canine Federation) are forbidden everywhere on the site.

What means of transport will be available for parking at the houses? And for groups?

Once stress and noise have been left in the car park, it’s the turn of electric transport! Indeed, the only vehicles moving around the site will be 100% electric, along with pedestrians, cyclists and, of course, horse-riders. Families will reach their accommodation by little ‘golf caddy’-type electric cars.

Is it possible to hire a house where there aren’t any animals?

Certain houses will not be accessible to animals.

Will Your Nature and its houses be accessible to people with reduced mobility?

Absolutely! Starting with our first ideas that led to the design of Your Nature, we took into account people with reduced mobility and their access to the estate, the accommodation and also communal facilities.

Will there be wood for the chimneys in the house?

Yes, during the winter season, each house, whether occupied by tourists or owners, will be provided with an initial stock at the beginning of the stay. Once this stock has been burnt, you are free to buy more wood from the park’s shop.

Can I access the site outside times of occupancy for the house, in order to do activities or go to the restaurant?

Yes, under the tariff conditions reserved for daytime clients, and you will still enjoy the reductions available to Club members.

Which activities are free?

During their four weeks of occupancy, every owner of a house, as well as all those accompanying them, have free access to the indoor swimming pool built in the Nature and Discovery Area. As a member of The Club, you will enjoy a 15% reduction on treatments at the Well-being Centre, nautical and equestrian activities, and on the hire of bicycles.

Does the accommodation have a parking space?

Given that the park has been conceived from a sustainable perspective, private vehicles will not have access to accommodation, and only as far as the car park. Its main area has a capacity (430 spaces) to cope with maximum occupancy of the site, so there are no reserved spaces for either tenants or owners. Occupants and their luggage will be transferred to the accommodation on little electric cars.

Can we bring our own bikes onto the site?

Of course! Be aware also that Your Nature plans to offer sport and leisure equipment, including bicycles, for hire in the park, in order to help their users during their stay.

Can we swim in the lakes?

Most of our lakes are ornamental lakes that play a key role in the site’s biodiversity. However, throughout the summer season, a monitored area will be available for swimming.

If the house next door to ours is for sale, can we be informed before it is sold to the ‘general public’?

Absolutely, if a property is for sale next to your first purchase, Your Nature will inform you first, so that you may make an additional purchase. It is obviously up to you to let us know that you are interested in buying several properties, so that we can facilitate this step.

What guarantee does the investor have that there’ll be no essential changes to the property for sale?

Quite simply because it’s a legal and contractual obligation that makes it incumbent upon the usufructuary, in this case Your Nature, to maintain the property’s status as a leisure residence.

Can we fish on site?

Yes, for the pleasure of enthusiasts, areas will be specifically set aside for fishing within the estate.

May I sell my property before the end of the contract period?

Yes, it’s possible. You are free to resell your property at any time during this period, after prior consultation with Your Nature SA.

What happens to the contract (after 20 years)?

It’s very simple: you become sole owner of your accommodation and your share of the ground within the co-ownership. Your Nature also guarantees you the right of way throughout the site, so that you have easy access to your property and the private facilities. Thereafter, the majority of owners will probably sign a rental contract with the operator. However, other possibilities exist, such as using the property in a private capacity, although without being able to live there permanently.

After 20 years, when the property is returned, what will the state of the house and the communal areas be like? When are interior repairs scheduled?

The first part of the answer lies in the very conception of the houses. Thanks to the decades of experience acquired by the companies chosen by Your Nature for constructing wooden accommodation, and thanks to the treatments chosen for the wood, the villas enjoy optimal sustainability. In addition, to maintain this longevity, regular maintenance is planned by Your Nature.

The interests of Your Nature are fully in tandem with those of the investors, i.e. to ensure as far as possible the maintenance of your property, in order to perpetuate the success of the tourist destination and to ensure the greatest comfort for holidaymakers.

Is furniture included in the sale of the house?

No, by definition, the purchase concerns only the building itself (including ‘fixtures’ such as the kitchen and toilets). The furniture, on the other hand, is provided by the operator. However, after the 20 years, the furniture in your house may be offered to you at reduced prices according to their residual value.