Simple curved lines that blend in with nature

Leaf boasts simple and curved lines, blending in with nature

Whether on the banks of the river, in the middle of the forest or in the meadow, Leaf’s copper-red wooden frame blends delicately into the landscape.

Available in two or three bedrooms, it features an interior space that will virtually transport you to a lush and verdant world.


Guaranteed 5% net return


Tax-free investment


VAT 100% recoverable


No management fees


No maintenance fees


Eco-friendly project


Sustainable investment


Preserved natural park


Leaf reflects nature in its simplicity, beauty and authenticity. It embodies the strength of wood and clarity of glass, featuring subtle shades of beige and white. Leaf was conceived for its interior design to be in total harmony with the outside architecture. It therefore offers you a house to truly immerse you in nature. From the simple shapes of the bathroom furniture to the delicate curves of the kitchen area, every detail has been designed to promote wellness and serenity.

The Your Nature project follows a genuinely sustainable approach, and its houses meet with current best environmental practices (BEP) guidelines.

  • Frames made of 100% Belgian wood, sourced from a blend of solid woods that have been machined and laminated timber, PEFC certified
  • Constructed on steel micro-stakes in order to preserve the ecosystem and maintain the natural permeability of the soil
  • Roofing in the shape of an inverted leaf to allow for rainwater to be drained away though a series of micro-lagoons
  • Houses with reinforced insulation and hygro-adjustable ventilation
  • Heating via centrally programmed water radiators. This ensures its management after an occupancy, while providing heating in advance of a tenant’s arrival
  • A wood fireplace, in the lounge and bedroom, completes the heating system
  • This accommodation has low energy consumption, with electricity generated by an on-site photovoltaic array
  • Power supplies are concentrated in a single trench dug beneath the forest tracks and the main paths
  • Rainwater is directly filtered on site via permeable storage ditches
  • Soil erosion is prevented by a mineral fixture at the foot of the frontages.
  • A 30 m² main living area, including an open-plan kitchen featuring curves is enveloped by a wooden structure shaped like trees, a dining area and a lounge with a chimney and a flat screen television
  • Dual fireplace and chimney opening onto both the lounge and parental suite
  • Parental suite plus bathroom fitted with a large bath tub
  • One or two extra bedrooms, depending on the house model, each featuring their own bathroom with Italian shower.
    Large 13 m² terrace
  • In River Leaf houses, private jetty and wooden boat.

As an investor in and owner of a Your Nature house, you are a member of The Club. Being a member enables you to benefit from reductions on numerous activities and privileged access to events. The park also offers a multitude of leisure activities. At any time, you can change pace as you wish and choose to do sport, relax or eat at one of the site’s numerous places.

Discover the full range of our 100% nature-themed activities here.


Investing in a Your Nature house allows you to become a property owner and to sign a transfer of usufruct contract, enabling you to receive a regular, simple and tax-free reimbursement, through a contract with our operating company, Péronnes Invest Management. With this contract, Péronnes Invest offers you (1) an annual 5% net return, free of charges and taxes.

If you wish to learn more about how you can make a profit from Your Nature, contact us here!

(1)    For detailed conditions, see our sales advisors.