Making initial contact

You can contact our customer services at any time, in order to send us your details and organise a first sales meeting. According to your country or region, one of our sales advisors will look after your file and take you through the entire investment process.

First meeting

At this first meeting, in the sales area on the Your Nature site or in one of our dedicated sales offices, the advisor will talk to you and assess just what it is you are seeking. The aim is to offer you the product most suited to your circumstances and future plans. The advisor will give you a detailed presentation of the Your Nature park, as well as its buildings and tourist attractions, plus its six types of accommodation. Finally, for each one, the advisor will outline ways of investing and the return that you can expect.

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    Discover the site

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    Visit the prototypes

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    Choose your location

Why move to the Your Nature site?

We have set up a sales office in the very heart of the park. The aim is to give our future investors the fullest picture possible of this magnificent project. We are also certain that a site visit is the best way to understand the reasons for its tourist success.

You can therefore:

  • Explore the 280 hectares of lakes and forests and allow yourself to be seduced by the beauty of the site
  • Visit the three full-scale prototypes, which have been built and fitted out, to discover the products you are going to invest in
  • Enjoy a guided visit of the two prepared sample areas, so you can choose for yourself the site of your future cottage.


Second meeting

Having taken the decision to invest, you make the purchase of your property by signing a sales agreement with Péronnes Invest. This agreement commits you to making the investment, for which a deposit will be requested when the keys are handed over.

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How to finance your project easily?

Your Nature has exclusive financial partners, who have been trained in the project and in drawing up financial files. At this second meeting, don’t hesitate to ask your advisor to be put in direct touch with them.


The accommodation is now built and the park has been prepared. Your property can now be officially handed over to you and the profitability starts. The Péronnes Invest lawyer prepares the act of sale as well as the contracts for transferring the usufruct of your property.

Third meeting

During this third meeting, you will be required to:

  • Sign the authenticated final act of sale with your chosen lawyer (yours or one of those working for Péronnes Invest(1))
  • Present a bank draft to finance the property (for the value of the property, excluding VAT, plus 21% of 2.5% of the property’s value, excluding VAT: these are compulsory for purchasing the bare ownership)
  • Sign the act transferring the usufruct of your property, under the contract for managing the availability of the houses, in order to trigger the property’s profitability contract.
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    Pre-financing VAT

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    Signing the act

You are now the owner of your property and
you have sold the usufruct to Your Nature in order to receive a refund of the annual debt.

In addition, it is important to note:

  • Péronnes Invest pre-finance for you: 21% of the VAT due on 97.5% of the sale price excluding VAT on the property on the day of signing the deed.
  • The 21% VAT on 2.5% of the sale price excluding VAT on the property that you have advanced will be refund within 6 months of that same signature.
  • The start of the contracted management provision of home is set as June 2017, the tourist park opening. It is on this date that the annual installments of repayment of your due will start.

(1) The two notaries working on the Péronnes Invest file: Jean Vincke ( and Vincent Vandercam (